Hidden FREE electricity in every home?!

Thinking about this was kinda hard at the beginning. After all, why would anyone bring in free energy straight into every household without charging for it. They even charge you for using the rest rooms in public sometimes. After some long and hard thinking it hit me. Of course, the facts that this guy is telling us is after all true and the phones really work even though the power is out in your house. There must at least be something to this…

Even though the possibilities are true and the facts strengthen the truth in it I can’t tell whether these components does the job they are said to do. It all seems so cool and I am sure, if it works, that some people really use these with LED lights to lower their electrical bill. After all, LED’s is the new cool and also delivers far longer life span of the light source itself and sometimes even brighter to a smaller price. In this case it’s free.

So, should one try it or is it all bogus. What do you think? Would you try this out and if you did and found out it works, would you keep doing it to lower your electrical bill?

After all you’re using it anyways for your phone right so why not everything else? Sure, powering your washing machine or even your TV might be a bit of a hurdle but still lamps and small appliances like that could really do the trick.

Hmm, I need to think about this one for a while. What do you think?