Holovision: Life Size Free-Floating Hologram In The Making [Video]

We have featured quite a few innovations when it comes to holograms here at Bit Rebels. The technology keeps advancing, and we’re rapidly approaching the day when we will have a life size hologram projected in front of us. After everything I have seen so far, I believe we’ll see this technology sooner rather than later. One reason for this is because Provision 3D Media recently announced they are currently working on a free-floating life size hologram which they call Holovision.

Provision 3D Media has a long history of hologram creation in their backpack. In fact, their experience is amongst the most extensive in the industry, and it shows. Their Holovision innovations range from palm sized holographic devices to almost life size gadgets. They are currently planning just that, a life size Holovision device that will be able to project a human sized hologram free-floating in mid air.

In order to get started on their life size Holovision device, and of course finish the project, they are in need of funding which they are looking to collect through crowdfunding. They are using Kickstarter in order to make it simple for people to pledge and get on board with the project. They are looking to raise $950,000 within 29 days, and even though it is a long stretch to get to that goal, it is definitely possible. People and pledgers always love a project that is daring and pushes the future to the next level.

If the project becomes successfully funded, we’ll be halfway to getting a life size true free-floating hologram into our current real world. I bet some of you are a bit of skeptical about this kind of innovation since it involves some truly advanced technologies, some that don’t even exist yet. But with funding, the Holovision device could become a reality really soon. It’s definitely an exciting project, and one that we here at Bit Rebels will follow closely. Our hope is that this project will be successfully funded, and that we’ll all get to see a life size hologram once and for all.

Provision 3D Media’s Holovision Hologram Projector Project