How To Hack Into Someone’s Phone – A Complete Guide

Have you ever wondered how to hack into someone’s phone? Hacking a phone seems like a heist only the FBI or a professional hacker can pull off. But what if you could do it yourself? This isn’t a sappy motivational article to encourage you to discover the inner hacker within you. Rather, it is a guide on how to hack a phone, for example, if you are interested in how to read your wife’s text messages from your phone, from the comfort of your own home – no hacking certificate needed.

Our cell phones contain every little detail about us, from our names and birthdays to our deepest, darkest secrets. Thanks to the advancement of technology, anyone can easily hack into cell phones and retrieve all the information they need.

So, if you’re looking for tips on how to hack somebody’s phone, here’s a crash course for you.

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Best 3 Ways To Hack A Cell Phone

“How to hack a smartphone?” – If this question has ever popped into your head even for a millisecond, you’d definitely love what you’re about to read. No one wants to give away their scent by trying to get snoop through anyone’s phone physically. That’s why you need to be as discreet as possible. Here are some of the best ways to hack into other phones:

Midnight Raid

Although the name seems catchy, a midnight raid doesn’t involve raiding your target’s home with a scythe and burning torch. Rather, it’s a pretty easy method of cell phone hacking that doesn’t require any software installation. It’s called a midnight raid because it typically takes place at night when your target is asleep, and their guards are down.

All you need is a laptop with Wi-Fi connectivity and two cell phones. You would use one cell phone as a modem and the other for receiving text messages. You start the raid by sending a text message to your target, saying, “You are being hacked.” The text will immediately activate the Internet Explorer on the target device.

An application will run on the device to retrieve data, and the text message will return to you alongside the phone’s IMSI number.


This hacking method is probably older than the dinosaurs. It is easy and can be done by just anyone. With the perfect phishing strategy, you can clone a legitimate site and trick your target into giving out their credentials. Once this happens, you can easily hack into their phone, especially if they have no antivirus installed on their device.

Sending A Spam Message

Nowadays, Google accounts are connected to practically everything. Your Google account is most likely connected to your social media accounts, emails, and even bank accounts. Once you hack someone’s Google account, you can gain access to everything.

If you don’t have access to your target’s password, you will need to type in a verification code. The only catch here is that Google sends the code to the target device. So, in order to get the code, you will need to draft and send a spam message. Here’s how:

  1. Visit Google’s login page, type in your target’s phone number, and click on “Forgot Password.”
  2. Send a text message saying, “This is Google. We have noticed suspicious activity on your Google account. Please reply with the verification code that we have sent to your number.”
  3. Wait for your victim to reply to your spam message.
  4. Use the code to create a new password and log into the Google account.

How To Hack A Cell Phone Remotely?

Wondering how to hack a cell phone remotely? In this case, you would need to download and install a cell phone hacking app or as they are popularly called spy apps. Spy apps are software programs that grant you access to someone else’s phone and let you monitor their phone activities. Using a spy app is quite easy and requires no technical knowledge.

All you need to do is choose an app based on your needs and preferences and then buy a subscription plan. Once payment has been confirmed, you will get an email containing an installation guide. Using the guide, download and install the spy app on your target device. You will then be able to monitor and control some functions of the target device (for instance, you can block incoming calls from a specific number).

If your target uses an iOS device, you may not necessarily need to download the app. Just use the target’s Apple ID and password, and you’d be able to start spying on them.

How To Choose A Phone Hacking App?

Choice of phone hacking app for spy on text messages free without phone is mostly dependent on your preferences. However, you would need to consider a couple of factors.

The features of the app should be your priority. The more features a spy app has, the more valuable and efficient it would be. As such, you should go for an app with a wide range of features. You will also need to check if the app comes with technical support. You may encounter issues or glitches while using the app, and it’s always best to get technical support when this happens.

Final Thoughts

Hacking a phone isn’t as hard as you think. If you’re looking to hack anyone’s cell phone, you can either try phishing or sending a spam message. However, for best results, use a spy app. Not only do these apps let you monitor your target effectively, but they can also be used by anyone. From hacking rookies to experts, spy apps are for everyone.

Disclaimer: This article is meant as an insight into how hackers get access to someone’s phone so that you can understand the mechanics behind it and possibly prevent it.

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