How To Make An Influencer Analysis Effectively

Did you know how one of the biggest brands on earth, Nike came to be so popular?  Phill Knight, the founder of Nike started selling a new brand of sport shoe back in 1963. And he knew how to play his game and approached one of the most influential coaches of that time, Bill Bowerman to demonstrate his new shoe.

And when Bill Bowerman liked and promoted Nike, it started taking the American Shoe market by storm. And eventually, it became what it is today, a global brand. It all started with influencer marketing. Had Phill not contacted Bill Bowerman, there might be no Nike shoes today.

So influencer marketing is not a new thing. It was here since the beginning of commerce and it will continue to exist for decades to come. But the question is how you are going to benefit from it. The key ingredient to benefit from influencer marketing is to select a right influencer like Phill Did when he contacted Bill Bowerman.

It’s the right influencer who can make your influencer marketing a successful one. And therefore, you must do the influencer analysis to find an influencer who has real influence over your target audience. And in this article, we will show you how to do an effective influencer analysis using the search engine of InlfueNex.


InflueNex is a platform where you can access a huge database of over 2-million YouTube influencers. So it’s not a good fit for finding Facebook or Instagram Influencers. But for YouTube influencers, this is the best and most specialized one. Whether you need a micro-influencer with 1000 highly engaged audience or a macro one with a large subscriber base, InflueNex will help you find them with absolute ease.

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Key Features Of InflueNex:

  • InflueNex has a simple and easy user-interface. So you will never find it overwhelming to find and analyze an influencer.
  • It has advanced filters to make influencer searching easier.
  • It pulls off real time data, so you will analyze and pick only real influencers with real and measurable influence over your target audience.
  • And it saves your time by automatically collecting the contact details of an influencer.

So, How To Use InflueNex To Make An Effective Influencer Analysis

Step 1

First go to and sign up for an account using your email address. It costs no upfront fees, so don’t worry, you don’t have to put in your credit card details.

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Step 2

Now navigate to the main search bar and type in a keyword, niche name, or other search terms to find influencers. InflueNex has some advanced filters as well, ranging from category to last activity. So use those filters if you want your search result to be specific and to the point.

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Step 3

That’s where the Influencer analysis actually begins. Based on your search terms, InflueNex will find a list of YouTube influencers who match your requirements and talk about your niches. So you start off doing a quick analysis to make a shortlist of top influencers. Thanks to the grading system of InflueNex, it will help you to shortlist influencers with complete ease.

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Step 4

Once you are done with short listing influencers, it’s time for having an in-depth look and analysis of those influencers. Tap on the name of an influencer and you will enter to his/her profile. And right there you will find all the data and metrics to analyze an influencer.

You will see the number of subscribers they have, how often the audiences engage with their posted contents, and total views they received. And to make the analysis even effective, InflueNex will also show you how his/her channel’s performed in the last 30 days.

You can see the number of Likes they received per post, ratio of comments, average views, watch hours, and other useful metrics to weigh their channel. The graph chart, however, shows data from last 2 years, so if you want more detail reporting, you can take look at graph charts as well.

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Step 5

If the prospective influencer comes out to be a real and authentic influencer, you then move to the sixth step. But if he turns out to be a fake influencer, then you eliminate him and analyze other influencers from the shortlist.

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Step 6

In this step, you do the most important task, which is to contact the influencer. Remember, an influencer is always approached by hundreds of brands like you, so you have to be persuasive to convince them to collaborate with you.

It’s the price usually that plays the major role, so make him an attractive offer. InflueNex will give you an estimation on the price range, so use it to begin the negotiating process. And in addition, you can offer the influencer a free sample of your product if you have such option.

Surely it will help you to cement a good relationship with the influencer, and most importantly, to launch a successful campaign. This is how you can systematically and effectively analyze an influencer using real-time data. And when you do this, it ensures the success of your influencer marketing campaign.

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Some Additional Tips

Before we wrap up, let us share some additional tips with you which would surely come in handy to analyze an influencer.

1. Always Spy On Your Competitors

“To be successful, you copy someone who is already successful” this is absolutely true when it comes to launching a marketing campaign. Check out your competitors and see how well they are doing with their influencer marketing campaigns. Take a look at the contents and hashtags their influencers are using to promote their brands. And learn from them to come up with even better ideas for your next campaign.

2. Make A List Of Keywords

Nothing makes influencer marketing easier than having a list of keywords. When you have one, you can easily use the most relevant keywords to find out a diverse list of influencers. So make a list of keywords before you start looking for influencers.

And don’t forget to take notes of other important requirements like the language of influencers, demographic location you want them to be from, average subscribers you want to have, and etc. These notes will help you find right influencers with least troubles.

3.  Study The Engagement Rate

And finally, never get seduced by the large subscriber number of an influencer. It’s the engagement rate that matters. If an influencer has 10, 00000 subscribers, but only 1000 people engage with his contents, then there’s no point of paying him a large sum to collaborate with you.

Rather it’s far effective to work with a micro influencer who has 10,000 subscribers and over 60% of them always engage. So be careful when you look for an influencer. Always spend enough time to analyze their profiles and activity.

After all, it’s the influencer who can make or break your entire influencer marketing campaign. So be patient, use advanced tools like InflueNex, study the activity, and then make your move. Hopefully your influencer marketing will bring a good ROI for your brand.

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