How The Mobile Web Is Disappointing Global Users [Infographic]

You could be one of those people who is quite annoyed right now that the connection you are using on your mobile device isn’t fast enough to cover your excessive use of the Internet. I know I am at times. Even though I seldom use my iPhone for browsing (I use my iPad instead), it’s always really frustrating when you try to find something quick and the connection you are on isn’t up to par with what you expect of it. This has of course lead to the many mobile sites out there. It’s a way to serve your customers or visitors with a scaled down edition of your website.

Even though mobile websites have become a regular and quite necessary addition to any company, mobile users still curse over the slow download times. It’s quite easy to say that things aren’t as we always perceive them to be. If you thought that mobile users are satisfied just because you have a mobile site, you might have a problem. That couldn’t be farther from the truth, and frankly, there needs to be something done about all this. As we know, the 4g iPhone wasn’t launched this year, and we are uncertain if it will even be launched next year. user Angel uploaded a really revealing infographic about the satisfaction of mobile users. It depicts the way we perceive them to be, and how it actually is. It’s safe to say that there is quite a lot that has to be done in order to satisfy the mobile user community because right now the measures just don’t cut it. What do you think could be done in order to further satisfy the mobile user? Is it up to the owner of the website to scale it properly for faster download times or is the connection the mobile user is using to blame for the inconveniences?

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Mobile Web Disappointing Users Infographic