iPhone Projectors: The First Working iPhone Prototype [Video]

So it’s finally here! iPhone finally has a projector, and it looks nothing short of brilliant. The clean crisp look of it is just stunning and coming from a small mobile device makes it all even more impressive. Many people have foreseen this coming out quite soon, but few actually thought it would really happen despite lots of hints in its direction. Imagine being able to just slip up your iPhone, choose the movie of your choice and then just start watching it… on the wall in front of you. Whether you are in bed or chilling in the couch in the living room.

The first prototype comes from Moject, a company that specializes in inventing new and radical ideas for mobile devices. Their first approach is to enable motion projection for gaming, and it looks truly awesome. The idea is to let the angle of the projection determine what happens in the game projected on the wall. It’s an advanced technology that could have serious capabilities when finalized.

As a first glimpse of it, they have created a kind of space fighting game that allows you to steer a ship by angling the projection and fire by touching the surface of the iPhone. It’s all from the iPhone; however, it looks like there is a little box that the iPhone is slipped into to enable this cool feature.

I am sure this little box can be tweaked and shrunk into a size that would fit the iPhone just perfectly. If Apple saw this, they would be totally excited. Who knows, they are rumored to be working on their own projector delivered from Pico. It’s going to be quite interesting to see if they will meet the public’s demand when it comes to this feature. More and more people see the huge implementation and I think it’s just a matter of time before we can expect one of the leading mobile device manufacturers to incorporate a projector. Imagine the feeling of never again looking for you remote… it’s already in your hand. For more information go to Moject.Com.