iPieces: Adds Real Life Object Interaction To Your iPad

Developers of smartphones have long been hunting down the holy grail of interactive gaming. A huge reason why touchscreens were invented was to immerse the user even more into the digital world in front of her or him. So far we have only seen minor attempts to fully immerse the user with the help of bulky gadgets to make playing games just a little bit more intuitive. By incorporating “i” gadgets such as a steering wheel with a spot for your iPad or your iPhone, it gives you a more free feeling of driving in a racing game for example. But there is so much more that can be done which has not yet been experimented with.

This is exactly the mindset of the people over at Jumbo Games, and they have taken their innovation to the somewhat next micro level, if that makes any sense. They have developed a number of game accessory bundles which will make the physical world interact with the digital world (the one on the screen). It’s a simple yet powerful approach where you will have small real life gadgets, somewhat working as styluses, which will help you get into the game a little bit more.

In the beginning, the first bundles, called iPieces, will be Snakes & Ladders, Air Hockey, Fishing and Catch The Goose. They are pretty simple games, but it is the first step to more immersive gameplay on the iPad and iPhone. The bundles that will be available at Amazon and Firebox later this month will cost around £9.99. It’s a small price to keep you and your children entertained for a long period of time. After all, it’s real world interaction that we would like our kids to immerse themselves into more, and not the digital world that is getting ever more advanced and lifelike.

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Via: [Chip Chick]