Kitchen Countertop That Knows What Food You Have & How To Cook It!

We couldn’t be closer to the futuristic worlds that we’ve seen in blockbuster movies not too long ago. The technology is starting to really catch up to the insane yet wonderful imaginations of the script writers of the ’90s. Some people think it’s a bad thing and some people, like myself, wouldn’t wanna miss it for the world. I can’t wait for everything to be touch screen and interacting when I get home.

I wouldn’t want it like in the movie “Gamer” (which is a little bit over-the-top for my taste) though. And, I don’t mean the battles and such. I mean the gaming room of the 17 year old kid. Well, nonetheless, it’s quite interesting how we continuously progress into new territories.

Tomorrow’s kitchen countertops will know what food you have set on it, and how you are supposed to cook it. It will be the ultimate cooking experience that I am sure will spawn a ton of new products for us to spend our hard earned money on. However, as we all know, as technology gets better, the prices drop lower. It’s just how it goes. And, we love it!