LumaHelm: A Safety Disco Head Dome For Cyclists

When I was younger and in grade school, bicycle helmets weren’t popular at all. Seeing a bicycle helmet was like seeing an non-polluted ocean, it just didn’t happen. Luckily someone came up with the idea of introducing them to the world, and they became a more safe way to travel around on our bikes ever since. It’s a small safety attribute that has saved millions of lives throughout its existence. Usually the helmets are quite boring though. They most often come in monotone colors and leave pretty much nothing to ponder for the creative mind. Children have a more “developed” lineup of bicycle helmets at their disposal which might spark their interest in actually wearing them.

Recently though, designers have started to take a look at how you could potentially make helmets even more safe and make them a little bit more fun at the same time. Take the LumaHelm for example. It’s a concept design put together by Exertion Game Labs that combines LED lights with a bicycle helmet. Basically what it does as far as features is that it enables the wearer to indicate to people and traffic around that he or she is about to turn right, left or stop.

The helmet could also serve as a party head dome since it is highly interactive, and with custom coded software, you could easily create textures and patterns on the helmet with just the help of a mouse. Do you think this safety application will become more mainstream in the future? Wouldn’t it be way better if the traffic around you could see where you were heading or if you were about to stop? Hopefully the people over at Exertion Game Labs will keep developing their ideas and make them available worldwide. This could totally make the world a better and safer place. LumaHelm is also a great device to bring to the party… A disco head dome would totally rock out any kind of event, don’t you think?


Via: [Technabob]