What Major Corporations Know About Perfect Domain Names

Does a perfect domain name exist? Yes, and the proof can be seen in corporate success. For example, brands like Nike, Target, Twitter, and Dropbox are all successful corporations with perfect domain names.

What makes a domain name perfect is different for each company, however, simplicity is always a common thread. Here’s what successful corporations know about finding the perfect domain name.

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A Perfect Domain Name Will Probably Come From A Private Sale

There are over 98 million .com domain names registered, which makes new .com registrations difficult. However, you don’t need to register a new .com domain name. Just because you can’t find a name available from Godaddy doesn’t mean you can’t obtain a good domain name. It means you’ll need to search for a domain name being offered via private sale.

Major corporations spend plenty of money acquiring perfect domain names without a second thought. Sometimes brands can usurp a domain name from a squatter on the grounds of trademark infringement, but not always. In many cases, corporations have to purchase their domains through a private sale like anyone else.

If you’re searching for the perfect domain name, stay open to obtaining it through a private sale. The faster you get your domain name, the sooner you can build your website and launch your business.

A Perfect Domain Name Is An Investment

For many small business owners, buying a domain name is a chore. Finding an available domain is hard. Often, a good domain name is available but the seller wants a few thousand dollars for it. To avoid spending money, many settles for domains that include multiple words, hyphens, and trendy extensions.

For instance, when “usedcars.com” is taken, a used car dealership might opt for something like “UseCarsForSaleByMike.com.” Buying a domain name like this is a costly, impulsive decision yet many businesses do it. Buying a creative version of the name you really want treats acquiring a domain name as a task to check off a list rather than an investment.

Successful corporations know domain names are an investment worth every penny it takes to acquire as you can always transfer domain names. A domain name doesn’t provide a direct return but a perfectly matched domain name seamlessly weaves all marketing strategies together.

For instance, when a customer wants to shop online at Target, they can mindlessly go to target.com. They don’t need to remember a hyphenated name like target-store.com, nor do they need to remember a trendy extension.

These days, you’re unlikely to be the first person to register the domain name you want. Corporations know this, and use domain name brokers to help. A domain name broker not only negotiates to save you money, but they thoroughly research the history of every domain name.

Knowing the history of a domain before you buy it is essential. Over the years, Google has blacklisted thousands of domain names for spam and other unethical practices. Buying a blacklisted domain name will kill your business because you won’t be found in Google’s SERPs.

SEO Tribunal reports that Google has 90.46% of the search engine market share worldwide. While other search engines like Bing and DuckDuckGo are used regularly, you can’t afford not to be found on Google. While it is possible to get a domain name removed from Google’s blacklist, it’s a slow process that will cost you even more money and you’ll need to buy the domain first. It’s just not worth the risk.

A Perfect Domain Is An Exact Brand Match

If you pay close attention to corporate domain names, you’ll notice each domain exactly matches the word the company is known for. For instance, Target is really “Target Corporation” but nobody calls it that. They call it Target, and their domain name is target.com. Another example is Apple computers. Everyone calls them Apple, and apple.com is their home on the web.

If the name of your business has two or three words, ideally you should be branding your company with one word only. It’s the most memorable way to brand your business and that’s why one-word domain names are the best.

A Perfect Domain Name Exists For Your Business

If you’ve been unsuccessful in trying to find the perfect domain name, it’s probably because you found a great name but didn’t want to pay the seller’s price. By viewing a domain name as an investment rather than an expense, you’ll have your perfect domain name faster than you ever thought possible.

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