Monster Toilet Paper Keeper | Secure your Shi…

Sometimes I stumbled over stuff that makes absolutely no sense what so ever. Not that they have no purpose but the designs of it just doesn’t match up with what the product is really supposed to do. But then again I start thinking about what the world would look like if everything was designed and created just the way it should be. The world would then be ultimtely boring, wouldn’t you think?

So, what can you do with a roll of paper? Or the thing that is supposed to hold the paper. One thing that I for sure didn’t know was that apparently people steal toilet paper from public restrooms. So much that there are companies and design firms constantly trying to come up with the ultimate toilet paper holder to keep the paper secure. Believe me, I thought I would never see myself write toilet paper and secure in the same sentence but that is apparently how things are and it’s getting bad. So bad that even secure toilet paper holders with lock and key can’t even hold the paper secure.

If a secure toilet paper holder can’t keep the paper put what and who can? Well, designer Mauricio Sanin Mazuera think he’s got the right idea and have designed one of the coolest toilet paper holders I have seen to date called the “Guardian“. The shielded holder resembles a robot with a red tongue. Yup, you read it right! The tongue is to be secured inside the water canister and the hooded paper holder cannot be taken or removed none the less share more paper than the person needs.

I wonder, are people going to do whatever now to actually steal the robot toilet paper holder instead? Well, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. But the fact remains that I am still shocked that people steal toilet paper from public restrooms. Maybe not now with an army of red tongued robot paper holders standing guard in the most sacred public places.