Behold The World’s Most Frightening Toilet Paper Machine

Humanity, one of the laziest species on our planet. At least if you are looking at everything that we are engineering to automate things. Automation is good, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes we take the incentive a little bit too far. Some things are perfectly fine just staying as they are. The toilet paper dispenser is one of those things. However, that did not stop a mad inventor from creating the toilet paper machine that we are about to show you. It’s utterly insane and will certainly give you nightmares.

The inventor, a YouTuber that goes by the name of “Useless Duck Company“, has a very different view of how to get a piece of paper off the toilet paper roll. It could be a gimmick thing for rich people. After all, you will have to change out the wall after every visit to the toilet.

The toilet paper machine is a frightening contraption that I am sure is going to cost you a couple of fingers sooner or later. It uses a chainsaw to cut off the paper once you are ready for a little smooth wiping action. The idea is cool, however, ultimately dangerous.

I don’t think it’s going to be a cash cow anytime soon. But who am I to predict the profitability of people’s inventions. Now when I think about it, it might potentially bring in a lot of cash. I mean, the video is going viral on the Internet, so the creator is cashing in on it after all. [pullquote]There you go! Any invention can turn a profit. It doesn’t matter what it is.[/pullquote] Useful or not, this thing is making headlines. Let the cash flow begin! Fetch the dump trucks and load them benjamins up!

Jokes aside, this invention is mega cool. Ridiculously dangerous, yes, but ultimately a people pleaser. Now, would you want one? I am sure the Useless Duck Company can make you one if you eagerly want one. It will most likely come with a waiver thick as an English dictionary. Stay safe, people!

World’s Most Frightening Toilet Paper Machine

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