Nanotech Tea Bag Provides Drinking Water For Less Than A Penny

A huge breakthrough has been made to create safe drinking water from polluted water sources around the world. It’s a vital aspect for the growth of under developed countries, and could help eliminate a string of diseases connected to contaminated water. The solution is simple and was tried before, but never before achieved this cost effectively. For less than a penny, safe drinking water can be provided to billions of people around the world.

It comes in the form of a tea bag shaped carrier that is inserted into the cap of a specially developed beverage bottle. The tea bag contains nanotech fibers to filter the water from contaminants. It also contains activated carbon to kill bacteria for 100% purified water.

The goal was to create a simple and straight forward solution that everyone could use and understand. You just pop the tea bag in the cap of the bottle, fill the bottle with water from any source and then drink the water filtered through the nanotech filter. It’s clean, safe and refreshing water. This could potentially save millions of lives around the world, especially in the under developed countries where drinking water is in dire need.