New eReader Gadget Draws Inspiration From Ancient Scrolls

We’re getting more and more used to reading books, guides and tutorials on a gadget instead of a regular book or a penfold. It’s like we’re now changing the way we’re learning new things by the simple touch of a screen. No more flipping real pages or frantically trying to remember where we left off with paper bookmarks or folding page corners. If you ask me I think it’s quite exciting. There are more and more genius devices coming to the market all the time, and there is no telling where all this will end.

Designer Dragan Trencevski has a new and quite unique concept that could become a very important piece of the puzzle, and still have its origins way back in the ancient times when scrolls where the only means to put something down on… papyrus. The device, called “eRoll,” enables you to roll out your reading pane and start… well, reading. It’s of course as interactive as any touch screen, but it has one advantage, space.

The device takes up 1/3 of the space that, for example, an iPad would and it’s far more handy to take with you when going somewhere. The surface is bendable as well which makes it even more durable and could potentially change how we create ads, posters, etc… in the future. Imagine, for example, an interactive billboard right there on the street. That would be some serious advertisement and would potentially attract a lot of people. That’s why I think this concept is right in line with what people are craving at the moment.