The Compass Alert System That Aids In Evacuations

One designer that really puts a lot of thought into his work is Mathieu Azema. He designs with his users in mind. This design of his centers on having an alert system that can aid people when there is a need for an evacuation.

One scenario he pointed out is when we are in a movie theater and an incident happens, like a fire. On many occasions people get hurt, not by the fire but because of the panic. People tend to panic more when they do not know where to exit amidst the chaos. We can hear an alarm and get even more confused.

The Compass Alert System not only sounds the alarm, but guides people to where the exits are. The device can be fit on any structure. As he pointed out, in this day and age when the structures of buildings are becoming more and more complex, such a device can truly aid people in distress and possibly save more lives. It’s a product that truly complements function and form.

Source [Yanko Design]