The Complete iPhone 5 Rumor Roundup [Infographic]

The iPad 2 finally launched and just the other day I saw the lines grow faster than bamboo with people who wanted to be among the first ones to buy the gadget. It’s an interesting development that Apple is showcasing, and I can imagine that whatever they come up with for the iPhone 5, they will definitely progress further into the fandom land that consumers create by worshiping their products. The rumors, expectations and predictions about what the iPhone 5 will be all about have been many, and some ideas are pretty out there. All the information Apple has given us is that the iPhone 5 will be completely new and shake the business yet again. Whether it will be similar to what the first iPhone did when it was released is of course hard to say, but there is definitely huge expectations for it.

Put together by the people over at Nowhere Else and Dune and Sosoa over at Cacestgang comes a roundup of all the rumors that have been floating around on the Internet. As you can see, there are quite a lot of cool things expected from the iPhone 5. Some things are completely out there, while others are pure routine for Apple to add.

The norm has been that Apple increase the storage space and upgrades the speed of the processor and stuff, that is pretty much expected. The camera will probably get an update, as well as the graphics card. Some of the more “out-there” ideas and predictions include a 3D display, no storage space and a few others. If this is kept up, and if people keep guessing what will come to inhabit the iPhone 5, I am sure there will soon be a way to bet on it. I mean, like seriously bet on what will be included on the iPhone 5. What are your thoughts on the subject? Any ideas or guesses about what Apple has in store for us?

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iPhone 5 Expectations Rumors Roundup