The Drum Machine T-Shirt Pops Some Beats

Usually when we see an instrument, it has an “ordinary” look to it. When everyone sees a guitar, for example, they know it’s a guitar they are looking at. Some of the more common instruments are more recognizable than others. A lot of people wouldn’t know what a Jembe or a Sitar looks like. It is when you start incorporating instruments into regular every day items like a phone or a t-shirt that make it hard to know exactly what we’re dealing with. The trend of course has been to mash instruments together with the iPhone or any other smartphone out there.

However, we have seen an increase in instruments being incorporated into clothes as well. ThinkGeek is a great example of a company that provides us with these kinds of shirts. The latest in a row of awesome t-shirts is the Drum Machine T-Shirt. When connected to a little portable speaker, this shirt will give you a kickass soundtrack to your life. I think we all need a soundtrack to our lives, it would help the inspiration every now and then.

Check this awesome t-shirt out and let it become a part of you. It doesn’t really matter if you listen to rock, pop or hip hop, you can create whatever beat you want with it, record it and then listen to it. I wonder how many layers you can add, or if it is just a one take recording. If it is then you have to master that t-shirt like a boss. Practice is certainly necessary, and when you feel comfortable, let the people around you hear the badass beats you created. It’s available for $29.99 over at ThinkGeek.

Drum Machine T-Shirt Recorder Concept

Via: [OhGizmo!]