The Future Of Arcade Gaming Is A Human Hamster Ball

Gaming has come a long way since the bulky, but oh so addicting, wooden cabinets that we could find in the arcade halls in the 1980’s. Back then, the top gaming experience was Space Invaders and later Dragon’s Lair, which was one of the biggest hits ever to come to the arcade experience. However, things changed and in the 1990’s we got personal computers that were affordable enough to allow virtually anyone to buy one. Wolfenstein was released by ID Software and became an instant success. We were now able to play arcade games from the comfort of our own home.

That has long been the norm for arcade gaming, but it is about to change again, at least if you’re asking VirtuSphere who is developing a new concept for personal gaming. Their new design is nothing less than a human hamster ball which will enable us to walk, run and become one with the universe that we’re entering in the game.

VertuSphere is a 10 foot spherical ball which the gamer enters. It is capable of rotating 360 degrees which makes playing a game a truly awesome experience. Never again do you have to worry about running in to anything or anyone while playing, at least in real life. The ball comes in several pieces which you assemble at the spot where you want to play, making it an even more truly great gaming accessory.

The price for this futuristic gaming accessory is not readily available, but I guess for the hard core gamer, that is not of any concern. If you want to be the best, you have to cough up the cash, right? For further information, please visit their official website where you can also show your interest and apply to buy one. The VirtuSphere is employed at around 10 locations around the world.