The Leaked Images Of The New Smartphones From Dell

The world is in a state of shock since Apple managed to lose their “moment of surprise” when the unfortunate events of losing the new iPhone at a bar happened to Gray Powell, one of their engineers. It’s all a continuous saga really and people seem to be unsure if it was a stunt created by Gizmodo or if it’s the real deal. People inside Apple have semi confirmed the rumors, but one specific source says that the iPhone that was “lost” resembles the iPhone that Apple is about to announce. So does that mean that the iPhone Gizmodo has or had in their possession was a concept design only meant for testing?

Since Apple is most likely not going to tell anyone if it’s real or not, I guess we will have to wait until they announce the new phone in order to write it off or accept it. Recently there have been more images of another manufacturers “said to be” unreleased and leaked cell phone models, but again, it seems like everyone wants a piece of the pie when it comes to the hype the iPhone is currently receiving.

What has been surfacing lately is that new images of Dell’s secret and up-coming smartphone have been leaked, and they have been showing some serious sexyness. Even though it could be a total dupe, the phone is elegantly sexy and expresses some hope of a more competitive opponent to the iPhone and it’s new incarnations.

It’s entirely up to you to believe it or dismiss it. One thing is for sure though, as long as you can’t present a live video of a working new model that has yet to be released, there will always be some form of doubt that images of a new product are nothing more than a ploy. If we look at the proof that Gizmodo has been able to provide, and then look at the reactions from people, we see that it still isn’t enough. Nowadays we rely on a firm and non-contradicting announcement from the manufacture and developer themselves before we fully believe it. So the question is really, are these real or not?