The Retro Boombox Gets A New Face With A Touchscreen!

Kick back and press play on that cassette player you so lovingly create mixtapes for. Let the boom become the rhythm of your body and make sure your neighbors join in on the fun. That is a scenario that we’re not very used to these days since the cassette is an obsolete medium to record music on. Ever since the CD made its entrance into the music scene, there has been little heard from the cassette. I keep wondering whether they are manufactured at all anymore. One thing is for sure, and that is that the music sounded more “alive” back then. What I mean is that the vinyl and the tape gave it another dimension that the compressed CD format just can’t rival.

Back in the days of the ’70s and the ’80s, we were heavily accustomed to seeing the boombox in music videos, such as the ones from RUN DMC and many more. We enjoy retro so much apparently that we can’t live without a real boombox, so TDK actually has gone ahead and developed a new, more futuristic, boombox featuring a touchscreen. The look is unmistakably from the era of the real boombox and should awaken any dormant memories of the good old days.

So if you’re a hardcore retro geek, then you just have to wait a little longer because the boomboxes will be available online starting January 2011. Furthermore, the boomboxes will be available in retail locations in February 2011 for $399 for the two speaker version and $499 for the three speaker one. Let’s blast them tunes!

Via: [Cool Hunting]