The Ultimate iPad Installation: Kitchen Cabinet Integration

The gadget of today is without a doubt the iPad. It has brought us to new levels of media entertainment and utility uses, and we’re seeing new and exciting integrations almost daily. There are dashboard integrations, shelf integrations, and many more. There are situations and places where the iPad’s superior and easy to use applications seem endless and that’s just why I have found yet another really inspiring integration for you. This time, I must say, it’s even cooler than the integration done by Sound Man and their car dashboard installation.

Not long ago, everyone with a TV in their kitchen was a front runner in media entertainment in the house. Today, that’s old news and many of us have flat screens hanging in our living room, kitchen, bedroom and even in the bathroom. It’s safe to say that our need for entertainment in all situations is more than freakish, however really time saving.

Alan Daly decided that his kitchen needed a different edgy look to it, and he decided to integrate his new iPad into a cabinet door where he could easily get news, movies, music and even recipes quickly and comfortably while enjoying his cooking, or whatever he was doing in the kitchen for long periods of time. The clip shows how it’s integrated and almost all its uses and the integration are quite nicely done… on the outside. It looks rather professional and sleek and leaves little question about whether it’s a good fit or not. It’s simply awesome and I am, as a matter of fact, thinking about doing this myself. However, I think the integration on the back (inside the cabinet) could have been a little bit more… stylish. Spending a little bit of time on that would have made it entirely flawless. This integration; however, is nothing less than awesome!