This One Pic Explains The Evolution Of Technology!

I think by now most of us have seen a lot of people trying to summarize the evolution of technology with long and tedious posts that keep us busy reading for a while before we actually see the timeline unfold before our eyes. We’ve even seen a few attempts of people depicting the technology evolution in various infographics that pretty much get it right; however, it is usually a lot of information that originates in one or a few products alone. Technology is such a vast subject and trying to compile everything into one single post is probably impossible, so we should really give these people props for even trying.

There is one thing that at least I feel is synonymous with the evolution of technology which almost every interactive device needs in order to work these days, and that is of course the storage media. Without it, our devices would be utterly boring and quite lame if we think about the consequences of taking it away from the gadgets we love. Not only would it make it impossible to save whatever we are doing, but it would also make it quite impossible to make any kind of “smart” device at all.

So if there is anything that could define and represent technology’s historical timeline, it has to be the storage media that we have been using since we started getting personal computers and devices. I went on a little hunt, and I think I found just the right thing to present the evolution of technology timeline in the shortest and fastest way possible. It is just one picture, and honestly I don’t think we even need a caption for it. It’s quite clear, and if you look at it, you will find a lot of different levels where evolution has been doing its work. This is not only in size and space, but also the technology behind it that makes this whole thing possible. The world is a wonderful place, but I ultimately think the brain is even more impressive. Don’t you?


Evolution Of Technology As Memories

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