When High Heels goes 911

All right, so men officially stepped in on women’s most sacred turf and created a pair of high heels that are sure to give the woman who wears them a lot of attention. Not only will they keep all eyes on you but they will also scare the bejesus out of anyone with a malicious intent, for sure! The design might not be of the latest grand party fashion but they still calls for thoughts of the future. Just make sure you wear a few extra batteries when you go out to last you on that long walk home as well. With all the lights blinking the shoes will somewhat light your path up like the grandest Christmas tree and might attract some not so wanted attention from the darkness.

Tim Cooper, the designer behind these lethal heels, have come up with something that looks like they are taken from the not so distant up-coming “Robocop 27” movie (I am sure there will be one). With a couple of speakers at the heel of them also whispers of a loud siren being sent out if danger should occur around you which would put you in a state of emergency.

So, bright lights, sirens, toe bumper and made out of what looks to be carbon fibre makes this the coolest and loudest pair of high heels you could ever imagine. Still, with a world unfolding where being original is the latest fashion you could never fail with these on. You would be the center of attention and the attention would always be of the best kind. Who would dare to do anything else than to be absolutely delightful in the vicinity of these lethal heals.