World’s First Fully Functional Hoverboard Is Finally Here!

It finally happened! The future has arrived, and we’re seeing a childhood dream come true for many of us. I am talking about that monumental moment in Back To The Future when Marty McFly is introduced to the magic of the hoverboard. We have seen countless fakes and busted dreams in the past, but this time around, it is REAL!

The incredible achievement comes from a couple named Jill and Greg Henderson and it through their company Hendo that they managed to crack the intricate secret of how to make a skateboard hover, turning it into a hoverboard.

Most of us have been dreaming about the day when we would be introduced to the hoverboard, just like that incredible moment in Back To The Future, but the technology to make this happen has been lingering just outside the borders of reality. With the Hendo hoverboard, the dream has finally come true. When the technology is finalized, you will be able to take your brand spanking new hoverboard to a specially manufactured hoverboard ramp or park and rip through the air like a true geek.

The Hendersons explain that this first incarnation of the hoverboard is just the beginning and that the technology that they have developed is incredibly scalable. This means that it can be used on smaller or larger scale such as cars and other vehicles. Remember that Landspeeder in Star Wars? Well, that one could be realized too.

The Hendersons are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise capital to further develop their groundbreaking technology, and their campaign is a HUGE success. With more than 41 days remaining, the campaign has almost doubled their set pledge goal of $250.000. Not only is it a great achievement, but this could also possibly be one of Kickstarter’s most important crowdfunding campaigns to date. The more money the Hendersons can crowdfund the faster they can realize all the things that have been just out of reach for so long.

There is even a pledge alternative that will award you a developer kit called the WHITEBOX that you could use to create your very own hovercraft (or whatever you feel should be hovering.) The fact that the Hendersons allow other developers to use their technology is significant as we’ll see a faster implementation of their technology in pretty much everything we can possibly dream of.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Hendersons are also working on putting together their very own Hoverpark where you can take your (or a borrowed) hoverboard for a test drive. You can even pre-order a 5-minute test drive of one of Hendo’s hoverboards once the Hoverpark is finished. Now this is something that I definitely have to check out. What geek have not dreamed of one day experiencing the thrill of using a hoverboard, right?

Hendo Hoverboard – The Fully Functional Hoverboard

Hendo Fully Functional Hoverboard

Hendo Fully Functional Hoverboard

Hendo Fully Functional Hoverboard