Top 4 Most Popular And Encouraging Workout Apps For Staying Fit

Unlike other fun activities, one might need to engage in serious exercises to help in staying fit. You will endure muscle aches, burning of lungs, feet injuries and many other pains in order to attain the correct fitness level.

Finding fitness solutions in the past required seeking advice from experts or searching online. Nowadays, things are much easier since fitness apps have been introduced. Here are the top 4 most popular workout apps for staying fit.

1. MapMyRIDE

[pullquote]This is the best app for cyclists. It is capable of tracking cycling paths using a GPS function.[/pullquote] The saved routes provide an accurate elevation graph incurred when riding. You will be able to tell where exactly the most hill climbing happened.

MapMyRIDE app is also able to hook you up with the other riders and track their locations. So if you go cycling in a group, you will be able to locate your colleagues if you happen to split at any point.

Staying fit might not be as easy as when you play book of ra slot online at However, this app monitors your calorie consumption when it comes to nutrition. It suggests the number of calories that you need to consume daily as per your physical attributes.

2. All-In YOGA HD

This app provides yoga guidelines. Upon signing up, you can select from any of the available exercise routines. You can select workouts as per what you intend to achieve.

The routines are simple and there is a voiceover to inform you about what you need to be doing. Videos are also available to help you see how certain moves are done.

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3. Nike+ GPS

This is the best app for improving your running performance. You are only required to specify the number of miles to run and start off. The app also has music, which offers you something to focus on while running.

Nike+ GPS app can also be set to remind you at various intervals the number of miles you have completed and the pace that you are running at. The app’s greatest feature is the ability to see where your running took you on the map and how you performed.

4. Men’s Health Workouts

This app provides intense workouts that can help you attain the perfect muscle physique. A variety of exercises are available and each of them focuses on a different part of the body. The app also has pre-built workouts to follow. The only thing you are required to do is choose your target, for instance, getting rid of a beer belly or getting a beach-ready body. After every exercise, you can see how many reps you have done and with what weight. This helps in keeping track of your exercising.


Exercising helps the entire body system work better. It enhances the body strength and pumping blood all through the body. It improves the body’s posture and stamina. All these can easily be achieved with the help of the best fitness apps discussed above.

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Top 4 Most Popular And Encouraging Workout Apps For Staying Fit

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