SnapShop App Takes The Pain Out Of Furniture Shopping

Think about the last time you were dragged went furniture shopping. Whether you were the one shopping or the one paying, you probably figured out quickly that it’s not easy to know how any piece of furniture will look in your home. What looks great in a store can be an eyesore in your home. You never know.

Your days of furniture guessing are over. Now you can visualize how a sofa, chair or other pieces of furniture will look in your home by using SnapShop, a free app that has furniture built in (not to be confused with built-in furniture). After you download the free app, pick which room you want to furnish, organize or accessorize, and then pick what type of furniture you want within each category. Let’s say you need a new dresser. Click on the bedroom section, click on dressers, pick the dresser you want, and then line up the dresser in front of the wall where it would look best.

In this picture below that I took in SnapShop, the mirror is mine and the dresser I chose is below it. After I snapped the photo, I adjusted the image of the dresser so it was under the mirror. After I took the photo and tapped on the screen, the price along with the retailer’s name popped up at the top of the screen. I emailed the photo to myself and within the email was the photo and a link to the dresser.

How easy is that? I’d say much easier than a Saturday trip to the furniture store.

The video below shows how simple this app is to use. Best of all, you won’t strain a muscle moving furniture from one side of the room to another.

App Makes Shopping Much Easier