These Fantastically Creative School Benches Will Make You Smile!

Once again, there is someone out there whose passion is larger than life itself. I have always found it overly inspiring to hear or see someone that is doing everything they can to make a change in the world. There are so many world leaders that are messing our beautiful blue planet up while the rest of us are trying to put it back into order. That little thing you’re doing, even if it’s just to make something out of that empty toilet paper roll, is one less piece of cardboard to turn into waste that will consume energy to take care of. See, every little thing counts.

The association “To Make You Smile” is one of those groups of people that really knows what this whole recycling thing is all about. Their main mission is to get future generations to see the junk we throw away as potential building material. Or, to put it in their own words, “Our dream is to help the next generation look at “junk” with an eye to re-use.

This project, called “Art In The Schools,” is a brilliant way to re-use the materials that we would otherwise just throw away. By welding together old hunks of metal, they turn parts from an old school’s metal ware into a creative and ultimately inspiring school bench. The do a lot more than this too, the list goes on and on. They have created everything from Birdhouses to Kinetic Critters out of pure recycled metal ware.