17 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Coffee [Infographic]

There you are, just about to start your morning in the very best way possible. What do you do? Well, you make a fresh cup of coffee of course, right? Sometimes it seems that the world is revolving around one thing, and that is coffee. I sometimes wonder where the world would be without coffee, and I must say it’s quite hard to predict. The fact is that a lot of people can’t even begin their day before they have at least one cup of coffee. It’s like a drug, and they need the caffeine in order to be able to start up their brains. I myself am more of a tea guy, as most of you people know, but there’s caffeine in tea as well, so I guess I could be added to the people who can’t function without a little hot beverage in the morning.

There is extensive research going on about coffee and tea, and the results are somewhat different depending on what researcher you talk to. However, in a world where pretty much everything is unhealthy, what difference does it make, right? Some people drink tea and some people drink coffee, that’s just how it is. I recently looked at a research report involving 10 of the world’s oldest people. They were asked what they did extensively through their lives, and why they thought they were able to become so old. 8 out of those 10 people said that they had always consumed a large amount of chocolate. Researchers immediately started looking into it, and they found that there is a substance in chocolate (or rather the cocoa bean) that helps cells repair themselves in super speed. This in turn keeps your organs and body younger for a longer period of time. This should of course be taken with a grain of salt since I don’t think anyone can expect to live forever because they over consume chocolate. However, it is something to think about.

I am sure there are things that you didn’t know about coffee though, on a more statistical level that is. Just have a look at this infographic from the people over at Espresso Machine Advisor. There is some interesting data there for sure, but when something like this (especially the last “fact”) shows up, I always get a little hesitant about believing the data since the main point of this infographic eventually turns out to be to sell more espresso machines. However, dig into the data, and tell me if you knew all of this already. And really, would you buy yourself an espresso machine now that you know you will strike break even after just 81.63 days? Hmm…

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17 Things About Coffee Infographic

Via: [Daily Infographic]