4 Alternatives To The After-Work Happy Hour

It’s a tradition as old as the workplace itself: the after-work brouhaha, the top-button-undone blowout – the happy hour drinks. But what happens when you’re not feeling it? After a while, excessive happy hour drinking can leave you feeling unhealthy and unsatisfied, with an empty wallet. What are the alternatives?

To tease out alternatives to after-work drinking, let’s start by discussing why people do it. After-work drinks serve two main functions. Firstly, a drink after work is a great way to release some steam and relax. Alcohol is one of the most potent legal relaxants, which is why it’s often used to “unwind.”

Secondly, happy hour is a social ritual. You don’t get many opportunities to chat with colleagues during the workday, but once you’ve punched the clock and hit the bar, you can express yourself.

An alternative to the after-work happy hour, therefore, has to tick off one or both of those boxes. Here are four great options to try.

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Swap Your Alcoholic Drink For A Cannabis-Infused Tea

Alcohol isn’t the only relaxing beverage out there – nor is it the healthiest. CBD-forward teas, like the cannabis-infused teas from Olli, can be every bit as relaxing, without the unwanted buzz or dreaded hangover.

CBD is the non-psychoactive component in cannabis, responsible for anxiety-reduction and relaxation. Depending on how you prepare your cannabis-infused tea, there may be no THC present in it (the compound responsible for cannabis’ “high”). Just the calming, “unwinding” effects of CBD.

Walk Past The Bar And Head Straight For An Escape Room

Part of what you crave in a happy hour is the ability to communicate and collaborate with peers outside of a work scenario. Humans are social creatures, after all. For a social activity that’s fun, engaging, and mentally stimulating, head past the bar and to an escape room.

If you’ve never been to an escape room, the premise is simple. It’s an experiential puzzle, often centered on (you guessed it) escaping a room. You uncover clues, crack codes, and use your reasoning abilities to unlock the door. It’s a diverting alternative to conversing at a bar.

For Stress-Relief And Socializing, Find An Exercise Buddy

Combine stress-relief and socializing in a healthy context by teaming up with an exercise buddy. Studies show that exercise is a potent stress reliever, pumping up your endorphins, improving your mood, and regulating your sleep schedule.

And researchers suggest that working out with a partner may double its benefits; not only does working out with a buddy motivate you to keep pushing, but it also satisfies your need for socialization.

Attend An Evening Hobby Class

Hobbies are a fantastic way to relieve stress and meet new people. Sometimes, all your brain needs at the end of a tough workday is the opportunity to switch gears. Placing your energy into a hobby – like pottery making, sewing, salsa dancing, or even software design – can help you take your mind off work.

Whether you’re avoiding bars for health, financial, or personal reasons, these four fantastic alternatives can help. De-stress, socialize and be happy – without the happy hour.

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