Canine Communication: All About Your Dog’s Bark [Infographic]

I’ve had a dog almost my entire life. I even have a couple of them now, and you can see a picture here. I call them the Oreo cookie pups. If you are a dog person like me, you know they bark sometimes like they are trying to talk to us, but what are they saying? It’s always a mystery to me. You’d think after having so many dogs in my life I would have learned how to understand dog language by now, but so far that hasn’t happened.

This infographic created by Walton Portfolio really taught me a lot about different types of barks. I had no idea that deer bark. I also had no idea that some people put their dogs through surgery to debark them. Personally, I think that is very sad, and I wouldn’t choose to do that to one of my dogs. As you’ll see, a German Shepherd named Daz holds the world record for the loudest bark. If he was only 20 decibels louder, he’d cause ear damage!

If you would like to learn more about what you dog or cat says about your personality, you can check out this infographic that compares dog people and cat people. I think after these dogs I have now are gone, I’m going to become a fish person. I wonder what that says about me. :)

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Dog Barking Barks Explained

Via: [Daily Infographic]