Constitutions Of Classic Cocktails: Epic Drink Mixing Poster [Infographic]

When you go to a pub, bar or club, do you ever think to yourself that it would be mighty cool to know all the ingredients for pretty much every drink and cocktail? It’s a common misconception that every bartender knows all of the drinks by heart. They too have cheat sheets that are hidden on the inside of the bar. If you ask for something really uncommon or complicated, I am sure you will see them look at it. Even though they have a cheat sheet, you don’t, and that can be a little bit annoying if you are home and just want a nice drink to wind down on a Friday evening while listening to some soothing music.

Researching the preferred recipe on the Internet is not only time consuming, but it can also be quite tricky to get the right one if you have no clue what the name of it is. I guess that is why the awesome people over at Pop Chart Lab decided to create the ultimate and most epic cocktail chart poster ever made. It’s grand in every possible way, and you will find pretty much every drink you can think of and want in this badboy.

Now you can purchase it for just $36 and put it either in your kitchen, in your bar at home or even in your living room. It will be super simple to have a glance at it and just make the drink you have the urge for right then and there. No more looking on the Internet or researching books of any kind to make sure you are the server of your own drinks. It measures 27″ x 39″ so it will fit that living room quite nicely. Sometimes even a poster can make a revolution in your home. This one certainly does. Also, make sure you check out the “making-of” article about this really cool poster. It is definitely worth the $36 to get this thing, considering the amount of time and energy that went into making it. Amazing!




Via: [Cool Infographics]