Hearts Can Change | Amazing Story

Waking up in the morning with problems lined up at work, at home and even in places where you never thought you would see them is daunting for anyone. It’s so easy to fall into self pity not seeing the obvious blessings surrounding us each and every day. Getting self centered in problematic situations is probably the closest thing at hand and we all do it. I have done it and still sometimes go that way. But to what gain?

Making a catastrophe out of spilled milk is probably the best way to describe our behaviour at situations when things just won’t go your way. We whine, we argue, we project blame on things not even connected with the problem at hand. Without thinking we constantly feel unappreciated and pushed to the side. The distance between feeling OK and feeling sorry for ourselves is shockingly short most of the times if you think about it.

It would be unfair of me to bring up personal experiences in this article and I won’t. But I recently had a life altering situation in my life that from that day changed the way I look at things. Right now you’re thinking that something bad probably happened to me that changed things around. But that’s all wrong.

I was looking for clips that might motivate and inspire me to better myself in all that I might be doing wrong in my life. As I searched the Internet I came across a clip that literally brought me to tears. It was a clip of a motivational speaker named Nick Vujicic. Right at the beginning of the clip I thought to myself that this would probably just be another clip of someone telling me everything I should do to make everything work around me. That he had found some magical rule in life that would make sense out of everything.  I dare to say that I have never been so wrong. Never have I been so off in terms of judgmental thinking.

Without saying too much, watch this and tell me Nick Vujicic didn’t just change your entire look on life.