Not Sure About A Tattoo? Try A Temporary Henna Tattoo!

We’ve written so many articles about tattoos on Bit Rebels. For over a year, I’ve been saying in my articles that I’m going to get a tattoo, but as of yet, I haven’t taken the plunge. There is just something so permanent about it all. I’m not sure I’m ready for that kind of commitment on my skin yet.

I’ve never seen these Henna tattoos before today, and as I was reading about them, I learned they aren’t permanent. To get a Henna tattoo, you actually mix up a batch of paste called Henna. The tattoo lasts for 2-4 weeks before it finally fades away.

This is a really cute idea if you want a test run of what it feels like to have a design on your skin for a while. Apparently you can buy a Henna kit at most craft stores. Be careful not to accidentally buy Black Henna. It is not Henna, but a chemical that can be very dangerous. Read the package carefully. If you would like to make this from scratch at home, craftzine has an amazing how-to on this topic. You can read about that here. Maybe I’ll try this first to see how I like it before I go for the gusto. I don’t think I would do this on my hands, but I kinda like the foot tattoo below.

[via craftzine]