Give Life To Your Passion: The #analogtweet Series On Twitter!

Ever since I can remember, all I ever wanted to do was to draw and create characters. I even took up fine arts so I could live my dream. However, due to some circumstances in my life, I have been somehow forced to take a different direction. I’m not saying this direction was bad, it was just a decision that I needed to make. I have no regrets as I continue to pursue my passion and that is to draw and sketch.

I try to incorporate that into my everyday life, and I even created a series on Twitter which I call my #analogtweet series. It is like hitting two birds with one stone. Twitter and sketching. The reason really for doing this is to inspire people to be bring out their creativity. It doesn’t even have to be a drawing, it can be just a hand written note or a picture. We just want to make people laugh or smile.

A friend on Twitter has even joined in, Patricio told me that it is his stress reliever. He even told me that he could not draw, but looking at how his series is turning out, you can already see his talent through his sketches. We do not plan our drawings in advance, we just draw or write it down whatever in that moment based on how we feel for the day. Maybe your passion is not into drawing or creating analog tweets like we have, maybe you are into cooking, or writing or taking pictures. Whatever it is give life to it! I saw this tweet today and was inspired to write this article. RT @joycecherrier: RT @smshetty RT @lafinguy RT @LoriMoreno: #Life If you do not create the life you desire, who will? ~ #lorimoreno #quote

I have included some of our sketches for your inspiration.

Drawn by @patriciomg

Drawn by @mistygirlph