Twave! Integrate Google Wave and Twitter!

Google Wave has been the buzz the past few months and more so when people started getting their invites. More and more people are now testing and giving, sharing their experience. Found this video that shows how you can integrate other websites with Google Wave, such as Twitter and Issue Tracker. No more need to go to different sites to check all of your accounts! Pretty exciting if you ask me.

Integration, a form of an extension, is a wonderful concept that the Google Wave team capitalized on. Through integration, users will be able to bridge the gap between various websites and Google Wave. One example of this is Twitter. Users will be able to see other people’s tweets, search tweets, and simply tweet on Twitter through Google Wave. Integration will allow wave users to be able to manage various types of websites all on Google Wave. Google has invented a software that will eliminate the need to surf through numerous accounts online to check up on updates.  You can visit for more information.

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