What People Love And Hate On Twitter [Infographic]

After a full cup of tea this morning, I sat down in front of my Twitter stream and thought I would check out what was going on in the world. It quickly dawned on me that what I was watching was actually what people love and hate about… well everything really. Tweet after tweet told me to check this, avoid that or just lend a hand. It’s quite interesting to see that people get so involved in things they never thought they would get involved in. And quite frankly, it’s really inspiring. However, I was sure there has to be a way to collect data about what people love and hate on Twitter with a more scientific approach. I started looking around and quickly found what I was looking for.

Neoformix put together a vast infographic about what people love and hate through the scanning of tweets. They basically scanned over 1,000,000 tweets for the words “Love” and “Hate” during 2010, which became the basis for this quite genuine infographic.

I know there is a real-time online Twitter application called Monitter that you can use to scan for pretty much anything anyone is tweeting. It’s a great tool to use for checking out what is said about you, your brand or someone you are following. So remember, it’s not just your followers who will know what you are tweeting. Pretty much anyone can check out your stream unless you make it private. So what do you love or hate today?

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Twitter Love And Hate Tweets