Airport Compass: Hit The Gate Spot On, No More Rushing

Airports can be quite daunting if you haven’t been traveling through them before. Usually they are not only big, but very crowded. Finding your way can become even more complicated when there are people around you that are just as lost as you. The distance between gates can be more than enough to get you off course, which could possibly lead to your missing your flight. Usually that doesn’t happen, but the risk of missing the boarding is definitely higher when you’re lost than when you’re not. That’s why some brilliant minds decided to change all that.

Designers Kang Eun-Kyung and Park Ji-Eun have come up with something as simple as an Airport Compass. The compass itself is incorporated into your boarding ticket, and it will show you the direction to go by using e-paper. The compass is powered by a solid-state thin battery which is flexible and needs very little power to function.

The compass will recognize your route and show you exactly where to head when you arrive at an airport. The Airport Compass is directed to elderly people, children and also people that are not so familiar with traveling by plane. It’s a brilliant and simple solution that I really hope will get incorporated in the near future. There are far too many people who get lost on their way to the gates, and this could totally be the savior they need. The ticket itself will use the technology to connect to shops and information desks to tell you about food, news and locations in the near vicinity to where you are. That right there is the fundraiser for the project as well, if you ask me.