Awesome Suitcase Anti-Theft System From 1961

We all know that getting your stuff snatched on the street or just stolen altogether is a horrible feeling. Not only do you get angry, but it is such a messed up task to try and take care of the aftermath of it all. You have to close accounts, get new cards, and so on. It’s a time consuming endeavor, and if we can somehow minimize the chance of it ever happening again, we will. That is why the scientists and inventors of the world have always tried to put together the ultimate anti-theft devices. Some are of course better than others, and I guess it boils down to whether or not it makes the whole anti-left label live up to its name. Let’s have a look at one device in particular, shall we?

It is actually a device from back in 1961, and it is one of those rare gems of inventions found by the people over at British Pathé. It’s an anti-theft suitcase that is sure to make the robber or thief question his judgment a couple of times about whether it was a good idea to steal your suitcase. I could easily spoil the whole surprise by telling you what will happen, but instead, I will let you check out the video yourself in order to find out. I promise, it will be worth your time, and you will have a great laugh or just a badass time altogether.

Let’s just say that when the thief has stolen your suitcase and is about to run away with it, he or she will be subject to some rather interesting geekery that will disable him from running anywhere. He will be a sitting duck with a lot of thoughts going through his or her mind while waiting for the police to show up. It’s quite an interesting way to say the least. I wonder if there are any of these inventions around today. Maybe it’s a good idea to start messing around with these kinds of ideas once again since we’re starting to see some rather obnoxious thieves out there who don’t fear anything when snatching your gadgets and devices which you have paid for with your hard earned cash.


Via: [Neatorama]