Hide All Your Internet Sins With This DIY Motorized Monitor Lift

Who wouldn’t want to live in a futuristic home, especially when you can build your own gadgets with inexpensive materials! Max from DIY Perks is here to guide you on how to make your own motorized monitor lift that will make your monitors disappear from sight in a jiffy. No more embarrassing moments when your friends step in as you browse through some questionable sites. That is a huge relief, isn’t it? Even if your browsing history is super clean, you still need your privacy. You wouldn’t want someone to read your secret emails to the government or steal your research that is going to change the world. This motorized monitor lift will make your screen vanish even before you can hit the minimize button.

You can buy all the stuff that you need to build this DIY monitor lift from your local hardware store, however, the workmanship required to create this beauty cannot be purchased. You are either born with nimble fingers that can handle glue, screws, and a drill or you are bound to get hurt. If you belong to the former category then all you need to do is follow Max’s video to the tee and be prepared to send your monitor into the dark underworld. It would be a good idea to vacuum the space behind your table before you get started!

The first step is to create a base using wooden planks, on which you need to attach a motor of high torque and low RPM. This motor will drive the motion of your platform, so choose the speed wisely or your monitor may go flying. Once the base is nice and sturdy, drill two holes close to either end, to attach the threaded metal rods that allow the upward and downward motion of the platform. These rods are held in place by a clever combination of bearings and screws. If these words baffle you then now would be a good time to stop before you end up with a drill-shaped hole in your palm. Still not giving up? Wonderful! You are half-way there.

All you need now is a conveyor belt of some sort that loops around the threaded bars and the motor. With that in place, simply attach the platform to the other end of the bars, again with the help of those versatile screws and blocks of wood. You may need to create an aluminum framework to stabilize this structure, but by this time that should be a piece of cake for you. It’s time to harness your inner electrical engineer now, to work out a way to ensure that the platform stops rising on hitting the right height, and does not make its way to infinity and beyond. Well, if you aren’t clever enough to devise a trick, the good folks at DIY Perks have figured it out for you. Just add two switches that are mechanically pushed by the platform once it reaches the maximum or minimum height, they will break the circuit and stop the motor. Just like magic!

If there are days when you wish that you could throw away your computer to get more desk space then your prayers have been answered. Just slide down your monitor and add a plank to the extra room created. Now you have all the real estate to rule the world. This DIY motorized monitor lift is an engineering marvel that will make you look uber cool, even if all you do on your computer is look at kitten memes all day! – Click here for more interesting DIY tutorials.

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