The Astounding Family Tree Of Major Tech Companies [Infographic]

Here at Bit Rebels we are always trying to think a little outside the box, and we constantly brainstorm. It’s hard to stay focused in the game these days since the technology industry, especially in the Internet area, is announcing news services pretty much every day. Coming up with something that might become the next Google or Twitter is hard, and you have to have a creative side of you that is prepared to go beyond what people are really looking for in order to score the new trends for tomorrow. Every so often companies spring up that become multibillion dollar companies, and that is when we see a huge shift in what people want and like.

To list the companies that have been able to do this would be quite easy; however, the list would become long and not always be accurate. Services like Myspace, for example, sprung up like tomorrow’s next billion dollar company, and yet it fell short in the end due to many more effective social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. So, you can never be sure just what you might have stumbled upon if you are the lucky one to come up with the next big idea.

It’s astonishing how many of the founders of the services that we use frenetically today actually helped found some of the world’s largest technology companies yesterday. It’s a whole ecosystem, and sometimes you could really think it’s because of the culture of the companies they founded that made them come up with a second idea or even a third idea that also turned into the monster companies that we know today. Have a look at this infographic compiled by Mashable which outlines the awesomeness of technology industry founders and how they are all interconnected. Want to be a part of this family tree? Get crackin!

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Interconnected Tech Companies Of Today