The State Of 3D Printing Is Beyond What Sci-Fi Predicted

We have heard about 3D printing for a long time, and there are new concepts which are presented often. It’s an inspiring technology that will have a serious impact on the future. It seems the ideas are greater than what the technology can actually produce right now, or so people think. It’s actually a good thing because that keeps us innovating new concepts based on the fact that the first one to edge and perfect the technology will most likely be the winner of the race in the end. This is a very important area to research for every hardware company out there, and there are millions of dollars spent on this each year.

It so happens that what some people think is impossible is actually already being done. National Geographic aired a program about a year ago that discussed this exact topic. It took the pulse on the current state of 3D printing, and what they revealed was nothing less than mind boggling. The 3D printing technology is far more advanced than I could have ever dreamed of. A sophisticated scanner can now scan any object down to 40 microns, which is thinner than a human hair.

What this means is that when the scanner penetrates the object, it can actually detect voids within the object itself and print even moving parts all in one go. It’s a technology that makes the most advanced brains go numb. The result of this is that with the right kind of chemicals, you can print tools, gadgets and pretty much anything with a 40 micron accuracy. The finished tool is also as strong as steel which results in the fact that they are ready to be used right off the printer. If that doesn’t make the future of printing a heck of a lot more cool, I don’t know what does. It makes my printer look like something from the stone age. Yikes!