The State Of The Tablet In Enterprises [Infographic]

There is no doubt that the tablet has been taking over the world one ipad at the time. There is also no doubt that Apple has the single largest market share of the most desired gadget. I think I read somewhere that HP has stopped any plans to release their own tablet, so I guess Apple has an even bigger playing field to muck around on. Exactly how tablets are being used in businesses around the world has long been an elusive topic. I have read quite few reports of companies utilizing this quite awesome tool in their daily business, which we all know, but the real question is how are they used and to what extent?

That is exactly the thing that the people over at Socialcast have been researching, and from that research comes an infographic that will try and demystify the usage of tablets in enterprises around the world. What strikes me is the high percentage of people who say they could see the tablet or some other device replacing the laptop in the near future. As a matter of fact, over 76% of the people who answered thought the laptop was inferior to the tablet or some other device in their daily work.

We will see what happens in the future, but the predictions are that by the year 2014, upwards of one in five people in the U.S. will own a tablet which they will use several times a day. This is quite an interesting estimate since with this kind of number, we will definitely have to see some other uses than we are accustomed to today. We will have to wait to see what those uses are and what features will enable them, but it does seem like the tablet has a solid foundation to build an even greater success on. What uses do you have for your tablet and how do you think it increases your creativity and productivity both in your every day life and at work?

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How Tablets Invade Enterprises Infographic