Google Chrome: Literally Faster Than A Gunshot [Video]

Ahh, the browser wars. Who could live without them? After all, they are all for us consumers and for every new version we get something to play with that is better, more robust and way more advanced. Or? Well, at least if you’re looking at all of these commercials that the companies behind them create, you are led to believe that. Again, never underestimate the power of video and sound. What really matters is the speed of the service you’re using. If you have crappy service and a low bandwidth, your Internet browsing experience is going to be no where near what they tell you… no matter what browser you are using. If you have a fast connection, you can even beat the results they show you in their commercials… but you need a REALLY fast connection.

None of this stopped Google from shooting a commercial that will have you wonder about its authenticity. We all know that whatever Google does, it’s almost always free. Whatever they do, they always do it properly and fast. Microsoft, for example, is known for their bulky, slow and highly bugged software while Apple has always had a solid and smooth running reputation for their software. Google, I think, ends up somewhere in the middle.

This commercial shows you that Google Chrome is literally as fast as a gunshot, a sound wave or even a lightning bolt. It’s somewhat mesmerizing to watch this high energy, research oriented and brutal speed comparison between these elements and the Google Chrome browser. Let yourself be immersed into the land of the deceived. No matter what you think of it… it’s pretty damn cool!