Best IT Professions For College Students

Before heading to college, you already know what you want. You have prepared your mind for a college degree, and you know how rewarding it is to choose the best major. You may have even envisioned yourself working with all the benefits of an ideal workplace intact: high pay, financial security, and good working conditions.

One thing you should know is that the salaries of college graduates differ according to the area of study and profession. So if you are interested in artwork or theology, these might not allow you to earn big bucks or have high paychecks.

Hence, it’s only natural to search for the highest paying careers as a major. In terms of financial security, huge pay, and other benefits, IT majors are the brightest of all and constitute the best jobs for college students.

The bright side to this is that many of these jobs do not require a graduate or postgraduate qualification. And you can even work remotely too. This is because the emphasis is placed on the IT skill and the ability to solve complex problems and provide solutions to urgent IT complexities. Let’s consider some of the best IT professions for college students.

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Web Designer

If you hate being a people person and cool with technology and development, you might love a career as a web designer. The salary structure isn’t fixed as it varies but always on the high side. You should expect a pay range of $55k to $75k annually.

Many companies are turning to the web as their primary means if branding and promotion. Hence, the need to create a highly captivating website for their business. Most companies even have a team of in-house web designers who are employed permanently to help them with their website design needs.

For this, a degree in marketing or computer science is ideal. However, it best to start building a vast portfolio while in college so you could have something to show your prospective clients when pitching for jobs as a web designer.

Computer Science Engineering

College jobs, such as software engineers and hardware engineers, fall within this category. Both qualify as high paying jobs but require different levels of skills and training. For hardware engineers, the focus is usually on the physical components, its design, configurations, and set up while software engineers are concerned with the various applications that control the output and functions of these hardware components.

The only similarity between these two college jobs is the evaluation of the end user’s needs, creating updates, performing tests, and analyzing results. A salary range should be between $66k to $100k for both professions.

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Software Developer

Software developers are the brain behind all computer programs and apps. They earn between $65 to $100k salary. However, there are two categories for this: system software developers and software applications developers. Generally, they research to enable them to understand user needs better.

Such a process may involve searching for free essays online and conducting personal interviews or using a questionnaire to know what the end user expects of them. To do this effectively, they need to know how to check an essay for plagiarism and come out with findings that will be useful to them.

Essay plagiarism checker is essential for writing unique articles. Although, it’s recommended to get trained in the field of software engineering after college. A degree in computer science is the basics and an excellent way to start your developer career.

IT Support Officer

Following such field, a college graduate will work as a part of the IT support team of an organization. Such a team will be responsible for performing routine maintenance and checks on servers, programs, and software of the firm. Also, they will conduct daily monitoring of computer hardware and other sophisticated network configuration to ensure their optimum functioning. Just like the web developer jobs, an IT support officer salary range is between $55k to $75k, and a degree in computer science or other IT related major is often the essential requirement.

Facility Trainer

This type of college jobs requires a person that has problem-solving skills, able to instruct and analyze complex situations in a manner that anyone can understand. Generally, a good knowledge of computer hardware and software is needed as well as a degree in marketing or computer technology. These IT professions are never out of place for aspiring college students who want to build a successful career and enjoy the best professional jobs in the future.

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