8 Situations That Require A Personal Injury Lawyer

Being involved in a bad accident or situation that leaves you disabled for any length of time can be a harrowing experience that you would sooner rather forget. However, just because you have sustained an injury does not mean that you do not deserve restitution for your injuries or loss.

Moore Law Firm will help you navigate the legal environment and assist you with discovering whether or not you have a claim against someone else. Here are eight situations where the services of a competent, qualified, personal injury lawyer will prove invaluable.

Here’s a quick how-to guide on how to hire a personal injury lawyer.

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1. Food Poisoning

Have you eaten out at a restaurant and been left with a nasty parasite, infection, or pathogen? Food is an integral part of our lives and having your health deteriorate as a result of the poor handling, cooking, or serving of food is something that no-one should have to deal with in our modern society. That said, food poisoning still does occur frequently and if you find yourself with your health in jeopardy, call a personal injury lawyer to help you build a case against the restaurant, food processing plant, or vendor.

2. Dog Attack

Dogs and pets should be kept on leashes. However, some animals are allowed to roam freely by their owners, much to the displeasure of bite victims. In this case, you have a case against the owner of the animal for any medical bills, damage, physical harm, or loss of income that may occur as a result of the attack. Don’t walk away from an attack without consulting the advice of a personal injury attorney.

3. Defective Product Purchase

Have you purchased an item on the internet or at a store that was not as advertised? Perhaps you opened the packaging to find that your product was riddled with defaults and defects? If this describes any of your purchases, then you have a claim against the manufacturer. All goods shipped to you should meet their product descriptions, and any variations from product claims could mean that you have a case against the manufacturer.

4. Medical Malpractice

We rely on medical professionals to take care of us in our most venerable moments. We often expect that because we are dealing with a doctor or medical professional, that we are dealing with a competent person. However, the rates of medical malpractice are staggering, and you would be surprised to learn that many issues occur with diagnoses, surgeries, and prescriptions every day. If you feel that you have fallen victim to neglect or malpractice by your medical professional, then you have a choice to make. Speak to a personal injury attorney about the legal options available to you.

5. Car Accidents

If you have been injured or involved in an automobile accident, call the police first and your personal injury attorney second. Being involved in a car accident can sometimes be life-threatening, or at the very least, require expensive medical costs to recover from an injury. You should not be held liable for these costs if the accident was not your fault. Consult with your personal injury lawyer about any claim you may have for medical expenses, damage to property, or loss of income.

6. Workplace Injury

Being injured on the job can be a scary experience. Your employer should do their best to make your working environment safe, secure, and healthy. However, if your employer has failed to meet the basic standards, then they have failed you and placed the health and safety of you and your colleagues at risk. Contact your lawyer immediately and go over your case with them, they will be able to advise you on the action to take against your employer.

7. Fall

Have you slipped and fell at a corporate location, shopping mall, or venue as a result of poor property management? This situation is a common occurrence that many people write-off due to embarrassment. Nothing is embarrassing about sustaining a severe injury due to the neglect of others; you may have a case against the owners, so speak to your lawyer about it.

8. Physical Assaults

We live in a modern civilization. Unfortunately, some people fail to abide by the rules, and this may result in you being assaulted or physically harmed by an assailant. If you know who your attacker is, then you have a case against them. Cover any medical expenses or loss of income, speak to a personal injury attorney about opening a case against them.

Final Word – Personal Injury

It’s important to work with qualified, competent personal injury lawyers such as Richard Morse. A true professional and experienced lawyer can mean the difference between a settlement, or your assailant walking free. Work with the best and get the justice you deserve.

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