How To Deal With Work Pressure While Suffering From Hypersomnolence

Hypersomnolence is the state where a person feels excessively sleepy and needs to rest during daytime frequently after regular intervals. Also known as hypersomnia, it disrupts the normal functioning and lifestyle of the person as they feel tired frequently even after sleeping for 7-8 hours at night.

What makes it worst is when the person with Hypersomnolence is working as he needs to be active and alert at the job, meet the deadlines and achieve organizational goals. Needless to say, it affects the efficiency of the individual and can be dangerous for his job but the question arises what are the causes and symptoms of hypersomnia? How can a person get treated and is it possible that it is chronic or just a lifestyle disorder?

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Symptoms Of Hypersomnia

  • Need to take nap even after a sound sleep of seven hours at night.
  • Feeling tired and disoriented while waking up even after having a sound sleep.
  • Sleeping for more than 10 hours if not awaken or setting an alarm.
  • Cognitive impairment, brain fog, mood swings or feeling groggy throughout the day and lapsing to sleep while driving or in a meeting.

These symptoms may sound of a person who is dealing with hormonal issues but there is a thin line difference. Being tired is one thing but sleeping or having a sleep attack frequently during the day is altogether different. But what are the causes of hypersomnia? There are many books written on hypersomnia that can be availed using codes from and most of the books state following causes:

  • Often alcohol or drugs lead to hypersomnia.
  • Overweight leading to Sleep Apnea in which a person stops breathing for few minutes while sleeping can result in hypersomnia.
  • Withdrawal symptoms of a medicine or side effect due to an overdose of medication.
  • Lifestyle disorders or nervous system disorders like epilepsy, sclerosis, depression, etc. can also lead to hypersomnia.

Treating Hypersomnia And Juggling With Work Pressures

It is essential to seek clinical treatment for the disorder after it is clinically diagnosed. Medications will help to boost the metabolism and keep the person but along with medication there are certain lifestyle changes that are necessary like:

  • Regulating diet: It will help to keep the mind alert and shed extra pounds thereby resolving the problem of Sleep Apnea. When excessive salt and sugar intake is regulated, it helps the body to heal itself naturally and restore normal body function as the brain is active and able to transmit signals to nerves.
  • Physical Activity: By being physically active the person suffering from hypersomnia will exhaust his physical energy, burn calories and give rest to the brain. So the sleep will be deep, profound and sound that will wake you active and energized.
  • Setting a routine: Set up a routine and stick to it. It will train the mind to wake up at the right time. Also, it is suggested to not work late at night or stay awake late as it hampers with biological clock of the person leading to lifestyle disorders.

Apart from this, everyone should adopt from some mental relaxation techniques that will help to de-stress and detoxify the mind leading. So if you are suffering from hypersomnia do not take it lightly and seek medical intervention.

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