Tips For Planning The Perfect Wedding Ceremony

Each couple wants a wedding ceremony that communicates its unique beliefs and values. However, beyond having a few brilliant ideas, most people do not know how to put it all together. Here are some tips that will come in handy when planning the perfect wedding ceremony.

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Get To Know The Officiant

You need to know the person who will be leading you through your wedding ceremony. Make sure that you are comfortable with this person to avoid problems. If you get to know the person before your wedding, the ceremony will feel more authentic and personalized.

Your meet-ups do not have to be formal; you should consider grabbing a coffee together if you want to know each other better. When your new friend officiates the wedding, you will feel less nervous on your wedding day. If your church does not require you to use a specific officiant, you should consider choosing somebody that you already know.

Pick A Spot Close To Your Reception

The best way to cut costs is to pick a reception location that is close to your wedding venue. Choosing a place that is close by will leave more time for mingling and photos. However, if you have already booked a reception venue that is far away, you should consider providing transport for your guests

You could book a big bus and supply it with snacks and some music. If your guests are mingling and having fun, they will not notice how long the trip is. Additionally, nobody will have to worry about parking or getting lost and being late.

Add More Time for Getting Ready

From getting ready to drive to the venue, you need to do many things before leaving and they might delay the ceremony. In most cases, you will have the wedding venue for a limited time, so tardiness is not an option. Moreover, it is rude to keep your guests waiting because you could not get ready on time.

Usually, hair and makeup take forty-five minutes each to complete, which means that you should set aside at least two hours for beauty. To be on the safe side, you should ask an expert how long makeup and hair usually take and then add thirty minutes. This way, if everything goes as expected, you will have time for other little things that inevitably come up.

Do Not Buy Too Many Entrance Flowers

When decorating the wedding venue, you need to start with high-impact areas, such as the altar and aisle because all eyes will be on those areas. You can use the rest of your décor budget for decorating the ceiling, entrance, and chairs. If you only want a few flower arrangements at your ceremony, you should work with a florist to figure out the best placement.

Offer Comfortable Seating

If the guests are comfortable, they will be able to focus and get enjoyment from the ceremony. To make them comfy, you should consider adding cushions to hard church pews or choosing sturdy chairs over wobbly plastic ones. You should also leave enough space between chairs to ensure that your guests have enough elbow room and legroom.

If you are planning the ceremony yourself, you should give at least ten feet of space to each person.

Set Up A Wedding Registry

Instead of letting your wedding guests pick your gifts, you should consider setting up a wedding registry such as the Target wedding registry. This way, you only get the things that you want instead of getting items that you might never use.

Planning a wedding ceremony is no small feat, especially if you only have limited time to do it. If you do not want any stress, you should consider hiring an event planner.

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