5 Ways To Amp Up Collaboration In Your Business

Collaboration is a critical component in the success of most businesses. Seamlessly sharing ideas and contributing to collective projects has become vital in a highly dynamic business environment. It’s easy to write off collaboration as another buzzword, but teamwork really does make the dream work.

Creating a collaborative workplace leads to stronger relationships, better problem-solving, and greater productivity. Fostering this spirit of unity and cooperation takes some intentional effort, but the return is well worth the investment. This article provides five ways to begin amping up collaboration in your business today.

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1. Use Technology To Make Collaboration Easier

In today’s landscape, technology is indispensable for collaboration, especially when it comes to remote workers. Supplying the proper resources allows employees to stay well-connected and work together with ease and efficiency. Remote and hybrid teams can work fluidly and in real time even when they aren’t in the same physical space.

Project management tools streamline the workflow process and keep teams organized by assigning and tracking tasks and deadlines. Apps like Asana, ClickUp, or Trello can be used to outline team members’ responsibilities and monitor progress toward goals. File-sharing software like Dropbox and Google Drive allows for access to projects and documents anytime, anywhere.

Investing in robust contract management software can help refine the process of creating, distributing, and managing contracts. It will establish a single point of access for commenting on, tracking, and editing these important legal documents. Adopting the right tech will ensure your employees have everything they need to accomplish tasks more efficiently together.

2. Promote A Culture Of Trust And Openness

Creating an environment of trust and openness is essential for leveling up workplace collaboration. When people are open, they are better problem-solvers and are more creative. Employees are more likely to voice ideas, suggestions, and feedback in an environment where they feel psychologically safe. They need to trust that they can share and contribute without fear of criticism or judgment.

A culture of trust and openness also enables teams to build stronger interpersonal relationships. When people feel heard and seen, they’ll be more willing to communicate openly and lean in toward others. While unresolved conflict can derail connection and collaboration, learning to successfully manage conflict can actually strengthen relationships.

When people are confident navigating conflict, they are less likely to shy away from difficult conversations. That’s a good thing, as it’s often the hard conversations that yield the best and most creative outcomes.

3. Employ An Array Of Communication Channels

Meetings have long been the default method of workplace collaboration. While there is real magic in an especially good team brainstorming session, many  meetings leave much to be desired. They disrupt valuable focus time and, when poorly conceived, can cost your business real money in lost productivity. Videoconferencing allows employees the luxury of more exotic locales, like their back patio, but online meetings can eat up time, too.

Using asynchronous communication can give employees back their time and focus while still promoting team and project cohesion. Beyond tried-and-true email, consider chat platforms like Slack or Microsoft Teams and digital whiteboards.

There are many options for making the most of your async communication. By using a combination of synchronous and asynchronous communication methods, you can strike the balance between autonomy and collaboration.

4. Focus On Diversity And Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are top of mind for nearly every business, and if they aren’t for yours, they should be. Companies that prioritize diversity, whether by race, gender, sexual orientation, or geographic location, generally outperform those that do not. Diverse companies tend to be more productive, innovative, and ultimately more profitable.

It’s not surprising that diversity and inclusion also positively affect collaboration in the workplace. In diverse work environments, employees collaborate up to 57% more effectively with peers.

Having a wide range of employees from different backgrounds and perspectives can challenge old ways of thinking and doing. But when everyone trusts they have a voice at the table, they’re empowered to freely share ideas and come up with out-of-the-box solutions.

5. Consciously Create Opportunities To Collaborate

Creating opportunities for collaboration starts with an environment that encourages people to share ideas, offer constructive feedback, and work cooperatively toward goals. When collaboration is emphasized, it will help foster a sense of camaraderie and create better relationships between colleagues.

Offer off-site learning opportunities that focus on team building. This can arm employees with new skills as well as the ability to be simultaneously relationship- and goal-focused. Promote the idea of collaboration between departments. Offer incentives and opportunities for group projects. And don’t forget to lead by example!

Cultivating Collaboration Is Worth The Effort

Promoting collaboration in the workplace brings numerous benefits. Greater job satisfaction, higher productivity, and stronger relationships are just some of the byproducts. Shifting to a more cooperative way of working will ultimately increase the overall success of your business.

But just as individual relationships take time to develop, so does amping up the collaborative potential of your organization. Make sure you are using the right tools and technology and intentionally creating environments and attitudes that foster collaboration. By providing support for employees to work together, you create an atmosphere of innovation and growth where everyone can flourish.

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