Hitting Zero – How RMM Software Can Minimize Business Errors

In elite cheerleading, the phrase “hitting zero” means that the team has completed an error-free routine with no deductions. It’s a way of saying a team is performing at their best – and shouldn’t the same be true of your business? Unfortunately, when working with complex information, it’s easy to make mistakes, and any time your business performs a complex manual task, that risk increases. By increasing your company’s use of automation for data management, however, you can minimize such errors.

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The Automation Advantage

Automation is central to how businesses operate today. For example, when combining data from multiple software platforms, automated integration saves time and increases accuracy. And really, do you need your highly skilled employees to be reduced to little more than data entry clerks? They can do so much more than that, and they should be. The same goes for the data reconciliation processes that catch those errors. The only question is, what’s the best way to complete all of these automation processes?

One tool that can simplify your business’s data management processes is a remote monitoring and management (RMM) system. RMM tools can quickly identify system problems like missing patches, collect and organize huge amounts of data, manage anti-virus protections, and support integrated professional services automation (PSA) tools. Combine all of these tools with robust reporting capabilities, and the right RMM platform can ensure your business is seeing the most complete, accurate picture possible.

Remote Access Matters

RMM platforms are valuable tools, but not every business needs to run their own subscription to benefit from their accuracy. In fact, many businesses are overseen by an RMM held by the managed service provider (MSP). MSPs provide many of the core tools used by businesses today, including data storage, security, and communications tools.

And, since RMMs can manage data across multiple sites simultaneously, they provide an unprecedented degree of access and information. Rather than the sort of moment-in-time monitoring businesses achieve when using analog recording methods, RMMs see the big picture.

Data Integrity Enhancements

At its core, RMM platforms minimize errors by centering data integrity, or data that’s free of mistakes, incorrect copying, duplication, and other problems.

This is a common problem caused by data transfers, synchronizing platforms that aren’t completely compatible, or that can’t identify similarities in listings; for example, if a client is listed twice but their phone number is entered in a different style or one address includes an abbreviation and the other doesn’t, the synchronization process may list it twice rather than merging the listing. Improved data integrity yields more meaningful analytics and those insights are what businesses need to succeed.

RMM software adoption will determine the future of business success, minimizing downtime by offering preventative maintenance, supporting the development and continuous delivery, and so much more. This is the dawning of the age of automation, of monitoring unmoored from a single office location or server. It’s time to ditch the manual management processes and let software carry the burden. Your staff has more important work to do, and RMM programs provide the tools that will allow them to excel.

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