Rethinking Rostering – How To Improve Employee Scheduling

Trying to manage a team of employees is one of the most difficult and fickle aspects of running a business. All it takes is one person calling in sick to completely dismantle a well-prepared schedule.

Fortunately, technology has delivered many effective new ways to improve employee scheduling. Read on to discover the simple and budget-friendly ways that your business can develop and maintain an efficient scheduling system.

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Invest In Online Employee Rostering Software

Investing in a leading rostering management system is essential in order to improve employee scheduling. Trying to coordinate a team of people without scheduling software leads to a considerable waste of both time and resources. It can also lead to inefficient rosters, payroll inaccuracies, and non-compliance with work and meal break obligations.

The Benefits

There are a number of considerable benefits of utilizing online employee rostering software:

Simplify Scheduling

Managing the schedules of a growing team is no easy feat. As people’s availability change, unexpected illnesses arise, shift-swaps increase and new team members join, trying to manually coordinate an efficient roster can prove to be an endless task.

Employee rostering software simplifies and streamlines this difficult process. Using an intuitive interface, the roster is capable of auto-scheduling and developing accurate labor forecasts for your business. These features remove you as the ‘middle-man’ of any roster changes or shift swaps. Employees simply enter their available hours and any scheduled holidays. The software then automates the most efficient roster based on this information, which can be manually amended by you at any time.

Legal and Budget Friendly

With part-time, full time and casual employees across different awards and shifts, it can be difficult to maintain a roster that is both legally compliant and budget friendly.

Employee scheduling software ensures your business’s compliance with relevant labor laws. These laws are notoriously complex and difficult to manage without assistance. Without employee scheduling software it can also be difficult to prove your compliance with relevant legislation if a complaint was ever made or your business was audited. Rostering software captures and stores all timesheet data automatically, providing your business with a record of your compliance.

Reduce Costs

While employee scheduling software requires an initial investment, the software is capable of saving your business considerably on the various expenses incurred from inefficient scheduling.

Businesses suffer considerable losses by over-scheduling employees on quiet days. Employee scheduling software can save your business money by optimizing staffing levels using live sales data. This feature enables the software to be able to predict slow or busy periods based on real-time data, and schedule employees accordingly.

Manage Employees

Employee scheduling software is also an incredibly effective tool to help business owners track the location of their employees. This can be particularly beneficial for businesses with many departments across a variety of locations. On-site time clocks ensure that your employees have arrived and finished work on time, protecting you from time theft and unapproved overtime wages.

Attain Flexibility

Business owners without employee scheduling software can be hesitant to go on holidays in case an unforeseen roster issue occurs. Employees can also find it difficult to schedule holidays or any leave required when a manager is in charge of rostering decisions.

Rostering software provides the flexibility to create and publish rosters from a number of devices including iPhones and Androids. It also allows your employees the flexibility to view their upcoming rosters from home and schedule accordingly.

Open Communication Channels

Whilst rostering software can streamline and automate many of the processes involved in employee scheduling, it is also important to maintain an active communication channel with your employees. Employee software is most successful when it is provided with early and accurate information. If you know one of your employees will struggle to get to work at a certain time because of other commitments, it is important to make note of this so that scheduling can be altered accordingly.

Keeping an open line of communication with your employees and adopting a supportive schedule, ensures that your team members feel respected and supported at work. This means that if you require an employee to stay back late due to an emergency, they will be more likely to agree. Open communication channel makes scheduling easier and boosts morale in the workplace.

Maintaining an efficient roster is essential for the success of any business. Investing in employee scheduling software is the most important step to take when working towards improving your scheduling system. Utilizing the key features of advanced software and maintaining open lines of communication with your team, ensures that your business runs on a schedule that satisfies your employees and budget requirements.

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